About Us

After moving to the Coast of South Carolina in 2020, I was excited to explore all of the outdoor activities that the area had to offer. Sure there's tons to do from boating to golfing, but I found myself revisiting a sport that I hadn't played in years -- Pickleball. Soon enough I was encouraging everyone to join me on the pickleball courts.

People loved the game (of course) but they didn't love the paddles they were using. Some were starting out with wooden paddles and others just weren't excited at the prospect of spending anywhere from $50 - $150 on a plain black paddle or worse yet a paddle with a huge logo splashed across it. They wanted something unique and expressive, a paddle that could progress with their level of play and most importantly something that reflected their Coastal lifestyle -- Coastal Pickle was born.

If you're looking for cute, preppy, floral, beachy, cheery, bright, unique and most importantly fun pickleball paddles we can't wait to have you join the Coastal Pickle Family!